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King of the Gym?

Muscle girl Sandi Stone and her buff friends Candy and Jasmine decide to go to the gym one evening. They run into ‘King’ and his two cohorts as well as the attendant Stan. One thing leads to another and physical altercations occur. How fair could it be? Three young women against four fully grown men. Not fair at all as it turns out. There just weren’t enough men! Read and watch as Sandi and the girls totally trash the men, physically and sexually. Ten great illustrations by Yatz featuring feats of strength, fighting, and domination. The girls have a great ‘workout’ for sure!

Bare Knuckle Brutality

Sandi flies 1500 miles to fight the toughest man in New York in a bare knuckle boxing match. Watch as the heavily muscled girl methodically tears apart her much bigger male foe in a totally one sided display of female superiority. The bare chested Amazon beats her victim to a bloody pulp. She refuses to knock him out early; preferring to continually punish him with her muscle driven fists. Eleven stunning illustrations by Yatz of Sandi demolishing another man.

Sandi does Hollywood

Sandi ‘sinks’ the career of Hollywood super star Lenny DeCadio in an epic story. Yatz had the idea for this story and did a lot of the writing also. This story is quite long and was the most fun to write of any story that I have ever done. There are a TON of plot and sub-plot elements to this opus. Most of it takes place in France at the Cannes film festival. Watch as Sandi uses her massive muscles and imposes her will on several men in a variety of ways. There is sex, domination, brutality, and fighting all rolled up in a GREAT story. There are thirteen fantastic illustrations by Yatz which show Sandi in all of her muscular glory!

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