The illustrated Sandi Stone story of Duke Out Part 3: The Slaughter

By David Sullivan:

The following story contains nudity and graphic violence, both written and illustrated. If material of this nature offends you: DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER.

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Our story thus far.....

Sandi Stone, the 5í6" 175# Amazon man beater had agreed to fight the 6í4" 240# tough man Duke in the arena of the Society Of Unarmed Combat. Sandi toyed with the big man from the beginning. She proved her physical superiority over the man by pushing and throwing him around the ring at will. Sandi verbally taunted Duke all the while. The enraged man countered by throwing dozens of punches at the young female.

Dukeís blows were totally ineffective. Sandiís thickly muscled body absorbed his punches without effect. The girl continued to degrade her huge male adversary for his weakness.

Literally swinging into action, the bare chested muscle girl then began to pound Duke with a series of ferocious blows to his body and face. The big man was unable to defend himself against his smaller female opponentís speed, skill, and awesome strength. The fact of the matter was that Dukeís big male body just couldnít withstand the muscular power of the young girlís blows.

The brawny girl administered a brutal beating to the man. She ignored his cries of pain and surrender as she wreaked havoc upon his big body with her muscle driven fists. The sadistic young Amazon reveled in his tormented pleadings.

Duke found himself on his back, in his corner, broken and battered. Sandi loomed over him. The bare breasted girlís muscles glistened under the lights and bulged with fearsome strength. The muscle girl had a malevolent smile on her gorgeous face.

That brings us to now......

Dukeís breath came in short rasping gasps. He was groaning painfully from the pounding that Sandi had inflicted upon him. "Hurting a teeny bit..... Baby boy?" She taunted, talking to him like he was an infant. "Did the big mean girl hurt her little boy?" Sandi smiled down at Duke. His eyes were blackened; his nose and jaw were broken. Dukeís torso was a mass of bruises and welts. "A little sissy boy like you should know better than to try to take on a girl with real muscles." Sandi flexed her arms. "Like these." Massive 18 1/2 inch biceps and triceps exploded into mountains of pure power. Duke whimpered in fright as the Amazon flexed intimidatingly above him. "Just look at all these muscles, Theyíre sooooo... big. And sooooo... hard." Sandi cooed. "And theyíre all for you! Just imagine!" Relaxing her flex, the girl got down on one knee next to her victim. She pressed hard on Dukeís broken ribs. "You already know how hard I can hit. Donít you, sweetie?" laughed the busty sadist. "Eeeiiiiii!!.... Jjeeezzz.... Auuuggghh!" The tormented man screamed in horrible pain. "Now youíre going to find out just how strong my big arm muscles really are. Iím going to rip you apart with them!"

Sandi stood up. "Fix him up!" She snapped at Dukeís corner man Felix. "Iím not done with him yet." The man got into the ring and looked Duke over. "Heís had it, lady. D..d..duke canít take no more." Felix stammered. The muscular girl fixed Felix with a steely glare. "Iím not done yet. Itís you or him, I donít care. But Iím going to punish one of you!" Felix jumped like he was shot. The terrified man got a stool and managed to get Duke onto it. With frantic energy, Felix began to minister to his charge.

Sandi smiled slightly and slowly sauntered to her corner where her toy, Danny, was waiting with a water bottle and a towel in his hands to minister to his mistress.

Duke sat slumped over on the stool. Felix held an icepack against the battered manís broken ribs. "Uhh.. Uhh.. I gotta quit! I canít take any more." He gasped. "Sheís Uhh.. gonna kill me Uhh.. If I go back out." Dukeís head rolled back against the ropes. "No oneís ever hit me that hard. It felt like she was using a crowbar!" He moaned. "Look at all that muscle. Sheís just too fuckin strong for me." The frightened Felix looked across the ring at the Amazon. "You gotta go back out. Itís the rules!" Duke managed to gasp; "Fuck the rules!"

Sandi stood in her corner watching Duke. Danny was behind her trying to massage the girlís traps and deltoids. His fingers couldnít begin to dent her steely musculature though. The slim man marveled for the millionth time at the sheer mass of rock hard muscle that Sandi packed on her 5í6" frame. There was a wry smile on her face as she gazed at her opponent. "Iíve hurt him pretty bad... and now that heís had some time to think about it; heís getting scared. He knows that he canít hold up to my strength. Perfect!"

Danny worriedly looked at Duke over the broad shoulder of his mistress. "Y.. You really busted him up Sandi. Heís hurt real bad." He said in a quivering voice. "Ca.. Ca.. Can he take any more?" The young girl inhaled, squared up her broad shoulders, and turned so that her full bare breasts were less than an inch from the slim manís chest. "Iím the girl that Ďbusts upí all the boys, Danny baby." She cooed, moving her big chest to within a millimeter of the man. "And when I Ďbustí one up... he stays that way. Right?" Sandi saw the look of fear on Dannyís face. "Whatís a matter, little boy?" The muscle girl breathed. "Are you worried about him?" Sandi lifted her arm up to move a wisp of her golden locks away from her innocent looking face. "Or yourself?" She whispered softly as her iron biceps exploded massively under sun-bronzed skin. Danny slumped to his knees and rolled off the mat onto the stadium floor.

Danny started shaking violently as he remembered the aftermath of Sandiís last fight as his eyes stayed riveted on his mistressís big beautiful breasts and huge bulging muscles. Sandiís previous opponent had not been able to withstand nearly enough punishment to satisfy the sadistic girlís needs. As a result, she brutally ravaged Dannyís outclassed body in a frenzied sexual assault in the dressing room after the slaughter. She worked Danny over for an hour leaving him in a bloody mangled heap. Such was the fear that she instilled in others, that no one had dared to enter the room despite his anguished cries for help.

"I.. I.. jjjusstt meant.." He stammered incoherently still shaking like a leaf. Sandi chuckled quietly. She reached down and rubbed the frightened manís cheek. "Donít worry baby cakes. Heís got a little more left in him." Danny gently placed his hand on the girlís arm of steel. "Beat him Sandi! Make him suffer!" His hand roamed over the busty girlís colossal muscles. "Use your strength on him! Smash him with your hard muscles!" The girl patted Dannyís cheek again. "Heís going to suffer, all right. A lot! But, donít worry sweetie. Iím going to save some... just for you!" The frightened manís face drained of blood and he slumped against the ropes.

A couple of women sitting at ringside had more than a passing interest in what was going on. Candy and Jasmine were their names. The girls had shown up at the fight just to meet Sandi. They began to laugh out loud at how easily Sandi terrorized Danny. "Weíve JUST got to meet her." The brawny blond Candy whispered. "Do we meet her before or after she Ďmeatsí pretty boy?" Chuckled the tall raven haired Jasmine.

Sandi sashayed slowly to the center of the ring. Duke stayed on his stool. He was unwilling to meet the girl. It was an incredible vision of female supremacy. The 240lb. Duke cowered in his corner. His big body was covered with welts and bruises. The blood on his face had been cleaned off but his smashed nose, black eyes and broken jaw gave proof to the punishment that had been inflicted upon him. That picture was in stark contrast to the 175lb. Sandi proudly standing in the center of the ring. Her immensely muscled body was covered by flawless unmarked skin. Her gorgeous face remained untouched by her male foe.

The big busted girl moved toward Dukeís corner. He stayed put on the stool quivering in fear. "No.. no" He whimpered. "I...I qu... quit." Sandi glanced quizzically at Felix. The blood drained from his face and he took off like a rabbit. "I guess itís just you and me, big guy." She laughed. The big man put up his right hand in a defensive gesture. The smiling Sandi grasped Dukeís wrist with her left hand and with her powerful arm simply jerked the 240lb. man off the stool. As he came up, Sandi gripped his elbow with her right hand. Quick as a flash, the girl LAUNCHED him twenty feet across the ring. The huge man landed flat on his back with a tremendous thud. "Aauurrgghh! Aaiiii!" Duke screamed from the concussive effect of the impact to his battered torso and broken ribs.

The earthquake like result of Dukeís collision with the mat and his agonizing scream had stunned the crowd into a shocked silence. Sandiís throw had been so fast that many missed it. Some had only caught a glimpse of it and didnít believe what they had seen. Most of them had viewed the whole thing and STILL couldnít believe it. A babble of noise started as seatmates excitedly began talking about what had happened. Sandi slowly sauntered across the ring towards her victim. She put a bit of sway into her hips as she approached. The females in the audience started clapping and hooting at Sandiís saucy exhibition.

Duke was on his back rolling back and forth while holding his tortured ribs. "Uuhhh!... Aahhh!... Aahhh!" He gasped painfully as the bare chested muscle girl stood dominantly above him. "Baby!... Baby!" Sandi sneered. "These people didnít pay to see you lying around." She bent down and hooked her left hand under Dukeís arm. Sandi stood back up. The big man came up at an angle. His feet were on the mat, his big body held up by the girlís straightened arm. "They paid to see me tear you apart!" Sandi then grasped Dukeís shorts with her right hand. He was now totally off the mat. Her grip on the man was awkward and the distribution of his weight made the hold unwieldy but it didnít matter. The busty girl held the 240lb. man effortlessly in her grasp. "We donít want to disappoint them, do we?" The mighty girl then CURLED the large male to her bare chest using only the phenomenal strength of her hugely muscled arms. Sandi then put her left hand on Dukeís heaving chest and pressed him over her head. Every magnificent muscle in her body stood out boldly as the Amazon slowly walked around the ring for a full minute while Duke flailed his arms and legs futilely above her. She would stop occasionally and press Duke a few times just to show off her awesome strength. The men in the crowd sat in silent stunned disbelief at the girlís display of raw muscular power. The women were going wild, stomping their feet and cheering wildly. Stopping in a corner, the brutal girl once again heaved Duke across the ring. The big man crashed into the ring post and howled in agony from the impact.

Shaking out her mighty arms to get some blood flowing, Sandi slowly strolled towards her writhing victim. She clenched and unclenched her hands in anticipation of her next endeavor. Duke had bullied and bellowed his way through life. He had used his big intimidating frame to impose his will on everyone that he had ever met. People had feared him ever since he could remember. Now it was HE that felt the cold terror of TOTAL physical inferiority before another person that was causing him harm and meant to inflict a lot more. And that person was a GIRL! He looked at Sandiís massive twenty-seven inch thighs as they swelled ominously with each step that she took. His eyes roamed higher, to the girlís cast iron stomach. The abdomen that his best punches simply bounced off of. Then to her thick, deeply muscled chest with its pair of full, high riding, bare breasts. And finally to her arms. Those arms. Eighteen and a half inches of man smashing, cold rolled steel. Arms that had driven the fists that had torn up his body. Arms that effortlessly held his 240lb. body aloft. Dukeís breathing became fast and shallow. His eyes began to dart back and forth. He was becoming scared for his life.

Espying Dukeís terror, Sandi chuckled slightly. This was one of the parts she loved the most. When the man began to realize, deep in his soul, the sheer enormity of her physical power, and how helpless that he really was before her. Grabbing his elbow, Sandi jerked the big man upright. Duke squealed, more in fright than in pain. She grasped his jaw with her right hand and his upper leg with her right. Eschewing technique or form, using only the power of her massive muscles, Sandi hoisted Duke aloft once again. The females in the throng laughed and clapped in delight at how the young girl easily out muscled her huge male victim. The brawny girl lowered Duke to shoulder level. "You better spend a lot more gym time, baby." She cooed. "Before you try to take on a girl like me again." Then the Amazon S... L... O... W... L... Y pressed Duke over her head. Her back and shoulders erupted into a rock pile of etched obsidian as she pushed the man upwards. Sandi held Duke over her head for twenty seconds before lowering him slowly back to shoulder level. The girlís massive 18 Ĺ inch arms flexed to their fullest as she calmly held the big man in her powerful grip. "You just donít have enough MUSCLE to compete with me!" Sandi slowly pressed the terror stricken male over her head once more. The girlís 27 inch thighs and 17 inch calves looked like two pillars of stone. Her impenetrable abs could have been made out of corrugated steel. Sandiís big beautiful bust pushed out high and firm from her deeply muscled chest. "She sure knows how to treat a man." Laughed Candy. The women in the crowd cheered wildly as the girl paraded her victim around the ring then brutally pile drove him to the center of the mat. "Youíre right." Smiled Jasmine. "Sheís showing Duke a particularly good time!"

Duke landed very heavily and screamed in pain. He was in extremely bad shape. The immensely muscled girl had beaten him viciously with her fists and had thrown his 240lb. body around like it was a rag doll, smashing him onto the mat and turnbuckle. Duke was badly torn up, in tremendous pain, and was petrified with fear. Sandi let him writhe in agony for a few minutes to recover a bit. She wanted him to really APPRECIATE what she had in store for him. Sandi strutted around her fallen prey occasionally flexing those mammoth female muscles for her admirers while Duke sobbed in pain. After a few minutes, the Amazon approached him. Duke crawled to his corner and cowered on the mat whimpering like a baby.

"Recess is over, Dukey boy. Time to get up and fight." The girl spat. " more." He sobbed. "I quit. You win. I c.c.canít take any more!" Sandi laughed in cruel delight at the huge man who pathetically groveled beneath her. "You keep saying that, sweetie. How come?" The Amazon cooed. "Donít you want to play with Sandi anymore? Sandiís muscles still want to play with you though! Lots!"

The young girl grasped Dukeís upper arm and simply threw the 240 pound man to the center of the ring. She slowly sauntered over to him. "Now Iím going to really tear you apart Duke. You better fight me with everything you have because Iím going to RUIN your right shoulder. You havenít felt ANYTHING yet compared to what Iím going to do to you now!" Sandi jerked Duke up and positioned him beneath her. The cruel female grabbed his wrist in a grip of steel. The girl had her victim really locked into place. Duke was on his knees with his head against her corrugated abdominal muscles. The big mans left arm was jammed against Sandiís Oaken thigh, totally useless to him. The muscle girl crushed Dukeís right wrist with her right hand. Slowly, inexorably, in another display of her overwhelming strength, Sandi bent the manís massive arm behind his back. He grunted and gasped loudly as he struggled against the Amazon. "Having trouble, sweetie?" The girl cooed. Dukeís arm was quivering and his muscles bulged hugely in a vain effort to resist the young girlís strength. The bare-chested sadist chuckled as the man strained futilely below her. Sandi was enjoying herself immensely as she confirmed once again her muscular superiority over another male of the species. In truth, Duke couldnít have held out against her awesome power on his best day. Not with both of his arms. Now, beaten and brutalized, the unequal contest ended with Sandi roughly pulling his arm up into a jackhammer.

"You thought that you could take me, Duke. You were wrong! Now youíre going to feel just how strong that I really am!"

Sandi secured her hold and very slowly began to apply pressure. The man began to screech in pain as Sandi lifted his arm higher and higher. "Oh God... Oh God!" Duke whimpered in agony. "Thatís my baby boy... Let mommy hear you cry." Whispered the Amazon. Dukeís body became ramrod stiff as the pain in his shoulder multiplied. She lifted his arm higher yet. "Aauuuuu!! Urrgghhh!" Screamed the helpless man. Sandiís enormous arm muscles bulged with cruel strength as she tortured her victim. "Yeah, baby. Thatís what I like! Give me a little more!" She taunted while increasing the force of her hold. Duke howled out again from the renewed pain. The girl laughed in delight as Duke moaned in agony beneath her.

Franklin, the referee walked around from behind Sandi to see if she was choking the man. He saw Sandiís iron grip on Dukeís jaw. Then he saw the mask of agony on the manís face. Frank then looked down at Dukeís shoulder. He saw the grotesque angle that it was at from Sandiís hold. The girl was watching Dukeís shoulder, admiring the damage that she was inflicting. Consequently her head was down and cocked at an angle. Sandiís golden mane was partially obscuring her own shoulder and arm from Franklinís view. Sandi lifted her head, saucily shook her hair off her shoulder, and stared directly at him. "Oh my God!" Frank gasped involuntarily as he saw the girlís massively muscled 18Ĺ" arm bulging hugely to its fullest. "I donít need to choke him to win, little man!" She said, sexily licking her lips. Sandi smiled at Franklin and lifted Dukeís arm higher yet. Her victim emitted a long tortured wail of pure anguish. "All that I need to ruin any man are my big muscles!"

The girl then eased off the terrible pressure of her hold. Dukeís body sagged against Sandiís iron torso as the horrendous pain subsided. The girl let go of the sobbing manís chin and his head drooped down. Duke was gasping and panting. She kept hold of his arm to keep him from falling to the mat. Sandi stood dominantly over the man. Her big bulging breasts and even bigger bulging muscles glistened from the ring lights. "Time for round two, baby." The brutal girl snapped. Duke could only whimper in pain and terror as Sandi reapplied the hold.

Sandi was really punishing Duke now. She was lifting the manís arm up and out. Changing the position of his arm continually. Really working the hold. Dukeís screams guided her to the ultimate position of pain. Once she had him at that point, Sandi held him there for ten tortuous minutes. Duke was babbling incoherently after only two. Massive, tremendously defined muscles protruded obscenely under her golden skin as the Amazon brutalized the big man. Dukeís shoulder tendons and cartilage simply disintegrated due to the power of the girl. Sandi laughed as, true to her word, she destroyed his shoulder. Sensing that her victim was close to passing out, Sandi released her hold and Duke slumped to the mat.

Sandi was delighted for a variety of reasons. For one, she loved to pit the astounding power of her beautiful feminine muscles against the muscles of a much larger man in a no holds barred fight. Especially in front of a large crowd so there could be absolutely no doubt of her superiority. The results were there for all to see. Duke lay beneath her battered and bleeding while Sandi stood proud and unmarked. More than the contest though, the Amazon enjoyed the pain involved in it. HIS pain, that is. Sandi loved to use her huge muscles to inflict massive amounts of pain on men. And there was one thing for sure. The girl had put Duke in tremendous pain. But, it wasnít enough. She wanted; she needed for him to feel more... much more.

Duke was laying face down on the mat whimpering piteously. He was a pathetic caricature of the arrogant man that had stepped into the ring to face Sandi. The muscular Amazon stood above him well satisfied with her work. She knew that he was near the end of his endurance. It was time to finish him off. But first, the girl wanted to play with the man, to humiliate him, to degrade him some more.

Once again the 240# manís frame was no challenge to the young girlís mighty muscles as Sandi reached down and effortlessly lifted Dukeís broken body to his unresponsive feet. Gently, almost lovingly, Sandi placed him against a turnbuckle and draped his arms over the top ropes. The big man moaned in pain from each movement. Too weak to stand and hung up on the ropes, the big man was now completely, utterly, totally helpless. Dukeís chin lagged down touching his chest. Mixed tears and blood seeped from his smashed face onto his ruined torso. Sandi gently lifted his head back a brought her lips against his. She began to kiss him hard and deep. The Amazon then began to slowly rub her big bare chest across Dukeís battered torso. At the same time she pushed her hand deep into his shorts and grasped him firmly in the crotch. Ending the kiss and squeezing slightly, Sandi cooed: "Maybe Iíll just keep these as a souvenir of our little get together." Duke started crying openly in pain and humiliation. "Oohhh!...She IS good!" Exclaimed Candy in the audience. Sandi laughed at Duke. "Donít worry baby. Thereís not enough down there to keep!" A smiling Jasmine whispered; "Delicious!"

The brawny girl stepped back. Dukeís fresh blood mixed with his dried blood smeared on her large, thrusting, bare breasts and even bigger titanium biceps. "Itís time to finish you, little man." The brawny Amazon whispered. She flexed her huge arms intimidatingly in front of him. "Iím going to crush you like an eggshell with these, wimp! Youíre going to feel the true power of a WOMANíS muscles." Duke slobbered for mercy pitifully as the girl pressed her big breasts against his battered chest and wrapped her massively muscled arms around him. Sandi easily lifted Duke off the ropes and carried him back to the center of the ring. Dukeís arms hung uselessly at his sides and his head drooped on her iron shoulder.

Sandi slowly crushed in on Dukeís chest. Her massive muscles bunched and flexed with unimaginable power as she relentlessly increased the pressure. Duke began to scream in agony as the brutal Amazonís muscles smashed his body.

The man begged pitifully for mercy as the girl kept increasing the crushing power of her grip. Sandiís hard nipples dug into his chest. The sounds of his agony and sensation of his body breaking apart were turning the sadistic girl on. Sandi laughed quietly as his ribs neared the breaking point. "Aauuuugghh! Ggoddd!" He cried as the terrible pain continued to mount. "This is nothing, little boy." The girl sneered. "Iím just getting started." To prove her point, Sandi poured on even MORE power! Duke whimpered like a baby as the first rib snapped.

"Ohhh! Thatís NICE!" Sandi breathed as Dukeís ribs began to break. His male body was simply too weak compared to the strength of the young girlís muscles. Sandi kept maneuvering his body around in her arms so that she could smash more of Dukeís ribs. Blood was flowing from his mouth due to the internal injuries that the crushing power of the girlís muscles were causing. "I can kill you Duke. No one can stop me." She asked. "How does it feel to be helpless in the arms of a WOMAN? To be at the mercy of a WOMANíS muscles?" The man was too far gone to answer. Mixed blood and tears flowed onto the Amazonís mighty frame as she relentlessly crushed the big man to the edge of death. Finally, she was sated. Sandi released her hold and Duke dropped to the mat.

Sandi stood over the prone form of her victim admiring the damage that she had caused. The girl then shoved her bare foot far up his shorts and onto his gonads while flexing one arm and raising the other in victory. Sandi Stone had once again proved her total female superiority over the male of the species.

The End.