The illustrated Sandi Stone story of "Duke Out" Part 2.

By David Sullivan

Part 2. The Fight.

The following story contains graphic violence and nudity, both written and illustrated. If material of this nature offends you, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER.

The referee called the combatants to the middle of the ring to give them their final instructions. No eye gouging, no choke holds. Everything else was legal.

Surrender or submissions did NOT have to be accepted. The fight was over when the victor wanted to cease inflicting damage on the loser. No time outs, no time limit. The Society Of Unarmed Combat featured brutal one on one fights with lots of blood, pain, and damage. The spectators paid VERY handsomely to see sadistic spectacles of battle and the Society catered to their desires.

Duke, at six foot four inches and two hundred forty pounds towered over his female adversary, the five foot six inch and one hundred seventy pound Sandi Stone. The big man was dressed in boxing shorts with socks and ring shoes on his feet. Sandi was dressed only in a pair of tight fitting short shorts. He repeatedly pounded his left fist into his right palm as the announcer went through the introductions. He had told the girl that he liked beating women and that he was going to "Mess her up real bad !" Sandi stood quietly with her hands at her sides waiting for the bell. Just prior to the start of the fight, the Amazon bent her arms at the elbow, causing her huge biceps to flex ominously. The big man saw the young girls massive eighteen and a half inch arms explode with power. The cocky look on his face disappeared and a expression of concern replaced it. The musclegirl smiled slightly as her psyche out move worked. She couldn't wait to get her hands on the big man and brutalize him with her mighty muscles. But first, she would play with him a little.

The ref waved them to opposite corners and the bell rang starting the contest.

The combatants moved towards each other. Sandi walked straight to the center of the ring. She had her arms hanging by her sides, in total disdain of her much larger opponent. Duke, after being so haughty earlier, sidled cautiously forward. His hands were up in a defensive posture. The crowd was screaming in anticipation as the two fighters neared each other. Duke reached for Sandi's shoulders in the classic wrestling hold that starts most matches. The girl reached up and grabbed his shoulders also. "Damn!" He whispered involuntarily as he felt the size, and moreover, the incredible hardness of the girl's deltoids. It was his first shock of the fight. It was not his last by any means.

They began to push on each other, each trying to establish dominance over the other. Duke got his second shock of the night. Even with his ten inch height and sixty five pound weight advantages over the girl, the man was unable to budge the buxom Amazon. "Uuhh... Grruuggghh!" He grunted as he strained to push her back but, Sandi easily held him off. The crowd was hushed into silence as they watched the girl's arm, back and leg muscles erupt with awesome power.

Sandi then began to push on Duke. The big man took one step back. Then another. And another. The women in the crowd started screaming as they witnessed Sandi move big Duke around the ring with ease. "You're up against a WOMAN'S muscles now, asshole! You're not fighting one of those pansy men that you're used to." She voice loudly. Directional microphones picked up the sounds in the ring and broadcast them to the audience. The crowd laughed at Sandi's taunt. Duke tried to hold his ground with all of his might but, he was unable to withstand the power of the young girl. The big man couldn't believe what was happening to him. He was stunned by the strength of the beautiful girl.

Sandi moved him around the ring at will while Duke used up a lot of energy in his futile efforts to resist. "I've got too much muscle for you,!" Sandi laughed. "I can do anything I want to you!" The girl pushed him around some more to prove her point. Duke gripped her shoulders as hard as he could, trying to knead her muscles, trying to do SOMETHING to stop her. It was like trying to compress steel though. There was absolutely no give to her iron muscles. The girl responded by tossing the big man from side to side like a rag doll. "This girl's too strong for me!" He thought: "She's so damn strong!" A wave of fear washed over Duke as he realized how outmatched he was.

Sandi felt Duke's fear. The Amazon loved it when a man was scared by her strength. The young girl decided to play with him for a little longer before she destroyed his big body. The girl wanted everyone in the audience to see Duke in fear of her muscles. Sandi gripped Duke's trapezius muscles hard. "Aauug!" He cried. He knees buckled slightly from the sudden pain. Sandi gripped Duke's left wrist with her left hand. She then grabbed his left triceps with her right hand. She didn't have much leverage with the hold. It didn't matter. With an astounding display of pure power, the girl lifted the big man over her right shoulder. The crowd let out a collective gasp as the muscles of Sandi's back, legs, and arms flexed with massive strength as she effortlessly lifted Duke's two hundred forty pounds. "Maybe, this will show you who's the boss!" Sandi said. She then threw Duke five feet through the air. He landed heavily on the mat. Duke wasn't badly hurt by the toss but, he was astonished by the quickness and the overwhelming strength of the girl. Sandi stood motionless as Duke warily rose to his feet.

Duke gazed at the barechested girl's hugely pumped up muscles with a look of pure fear on his face. The smiling Sandi slowly strolled over to him. "C'mon big boy! Let's play!" She teased. Duke put up his arms in a defensive posture.

The girl grasped him and again tossed the two hundred forty pound man across the ring. Duke landed heavily on his back. "Uugghhh!" He gasped as the air was forced out of him. The women in the crowd cheered loudly as their heroine easily threw her huge male foe around like he was a sack of garbage. Sandi lifted Duke to his feet. "You're weak, little boy!" She snapped as she lifted him over her shoulders again. "Too weak to fight a REAL woman!" The young musclegirl then threw Duke into the ropes.

Sandi reached for Duke to lift him again. Scared and stunned as he was, the big man knew that he had to do something or he was finished. He threw a punch that grazed the girls side. It was weak and off target due to his condition and the awkward position that he was in. "Oh goody! The little man has some fight left!" Sandi said stepping back. She wasn't hurt at all by the man's blow. In fact, she was glad that he showed some spunk. It gave her another chance to show him how outclassed he was.

The girl moved away from the prone man. "OK! Let's see what you got, big boy!" She taunted. Sandi stood still with her hands at her sides. Duke got to his feet unsteadily. He looked at Sandi's chiseled body. That body that had pushed, lifted and thrown him at will. The big man composed himself, then ran the two steps to Sandi and punched her side with all of his might. His left fist crashed into the Amazon's muscled torso with a loud thud. His blow couldn't dent Sandi's cold rolled steel abs. His hand was a different matter though. "Aahh! Goddd!" Duke cried from the impact. The beautiful girl stood there smiling at the hurt man. He shook his damaged hand, trying to ease the pain. "Is that all you got, sissy boy?" The barechested girl laughed. "I thought that I was supposed to fight a MAN, not a little boy!" The enraged male ripped a right into Sandi's rock hard stomach. "Oooohhh.... Jeeez!" He wailed as he damaged his hand against the girl's abdominal muscles.

Duke stood close to the girl massaging his hurting hands. Sandi smiled sweetly up at him. "You've got to do better than that.. baby!" The musclegirl chided the behemoth. "If you want to take ME, that is! But you can't do better, can you? Because you're just a weak little man!" The spectators jeered and laughed at Duke as the young girl degraded him. He went berserk, punching Sandi's body with his injured fists time after time. The busty girl's muscled body was impervious to his blows. Duke grunted and cried each time his fists impacted Sandi's iron muscles. The young Amazon laughed at the man as he futiley tried to damage her. "You can't hurt me, limpdick!" She snarled. "My body is too powerful to be hurt by a mere man!" Duke hit her at least twenty times with no effect. He finally quit, exhausted and incensed at his inability to damage his female adversary. The man backed away from Sandi hurt and confused. His left hand was broken from hitting Sandi's steely muscled body. His anger had subsided to be replaced by an ever increasing terror. He had hit her with everything that he had and the girl just laughed at him.

Sandi saw the stark look of fear in Duke's eyes and smiled. She had proven her point to him and the audience. It didn't matter how big he was. Or how hard he hit. The man was no match for her strength. Play time was over. It was time to get serious.

Sandi s.. l.. o.. w.. l.. y moved towards Duke. "You had YOUR chance, big man! Now, you're going to feel the power of a woman!" Duke stared fearfully at the barechested musclegirl as she lifted her fists. Her biceps swelled hugely with unimaginable strength. The big man threw a clumsy punch at Sandi's head. She ducked back and his fist flew harmlessly in front of her. The Amazon quickly moved forward. Duke tensed his abs just as Sandi reached him. The girl drove her right fist deep into his stomach. Duke folded up in agony as Sandi's fist tore into his body. "Ooohhhhh!... Jeeezz!" The big man groaned as he stumbled backwards into the ropes. He instinctively held on to the top rope to keep from falling.

Sandi's one punch had done more damage to Duke than his twenty had done to her. The Amazon stood motionless. She watched as the badly hurt man held onto the ropes and gasped for breath. The iron girl's heavily muscled body glistened under the harsh ring lights. The crowd screamed, urging her on. Sandi did not press her attack though. She did not want to just beat Duke physically as that would be much to easy. She was going to totally destroy the big man. Sandi wanted to ruin his ego, to emasculate him in front of an audience, as much as she wanted to beat him to a bloody pulp. "Hurts, doesn't it, big man?" Sandi said saucily. "The little girl hits REAL hard, doesn't she!" The barechested musclegirl sauntered over to Duke. He put up his hand and tried to push the girl away. "Like this!" Sandi jabbed a left to his cheek. "Urrghh!" Duke cried as his hand flew off her and his head snapped back, sending sweat flying.

"And this!" The Amazon ripped a staggering left into his ribs. "Oooaa.... Oooaa..." The big man cried as Sandi's fist crashed into his yielding flesh. "But, you know something, sweetcheeks? I can hit a LOT harder than that. Here's a sample!"

The beautiful girl's massively pumped up triceps propelled her right fist deep into Duke's bruised belly. The incredible force of her punch violently expelled the breath from the mans lungs with a whoosh. Duke couldn't even cry out due to his lack of air. The two hundred forty pound man's legs gave out and he slumped against the buxom female. Sandi held him upright against her sculpted body. "Oooo baby! That felt sooo good!" She taunted in a grotesque parody of sex. "Was it good for you too!" She released her grasp and Duke slumped to the mat.

"By the way.... That shot was a lot less than half strength, asshole!"

Sandi strutted around the fallen man as he writhed in agony beneath her. Every move she made caused one muscle group or another to swell and bulge with power.

Duke gasped for air and moaned while the throngs of women in the audience screamed in delight. "You don't take a punch very well, dickhead!" The Amazon sneered. "That's too bad for you because I'm just getting warmed up!" Sandi bent down and easily lifted the man to his feet. "I'm going to hurt you very badly now, Duke." She warned. "I'm going to bust you up with my fists. You're going to cry like a baby." Proving her point, the gorgeous sadist smashed her right fist into the mans side. "Jjeeeezzz!.... Aauughhh!" He cried agonizingly. Duke spun around from the blow and Sandi tore into his kidney with her left fist.

Duke screeched in terrible pain from Sandi's sledge hammer blow. His back arched rearward and his arms flew up. He flew forward into the turnbuckle from the impact. Duke was sobbing pitifully from the punishment that the Amazon had administered to his body. "Felt that one, didn't you?" Sandi laughed. The young girl turned Duke around so that they were facing each other. "I told you that I would make you cry, wimp!" She spat; her voice dripping with contempt. Sandi threw him roughly back into the corner. He looked at his female opponent through tear stained eyes. Sandi was now smiling innocently at him. She had the face of a model, or of a cheerleader. She glanced downward and Duke's eyes followed. He saw Sandi's bare chest, with it's thick layers of muscle, her large firm breasts, those iron abs that his punches simply bounced off of, and her broad shoulders. Then he saw that her right arm was pulled back, ready to strike. Duke saw the girl's huge arm muscles bulging with ferocious strength. "No.. no!!" He mumbled. "No more." He begged miserably. The innocent looking girl drove her fist deep into Dukes side. The man's ribs disintegrated from the power of her blow. An explosion of pure pain permeated his being. "Aauuuuu.... Ooohhhh!" He moaned piteously. The battered man dropped to the mat in horrendous pain.

Sandi paraded around the ring flexing her massive biceps while Duke whimpered in pain on the mat. The women in the crowd were going crazy; high fiving each other and chanting: "More... More... We want more!" The man-beater lifted Duke's two hundred plus pounds to his unresponsive feet. "They want more, baby boy! So do I!" She said, easily holding him upright. The girl let go of him and buried her left fist into his gut.

Duke bent over screaming as another detonation of pain tore through him. As he dropped, Sandi slammed her right forearm across his back. The power of the brutal girls blow was such that Duke hit the mat so hard that he bounced up a foot and ended up on his back. He lay there gasping: "Acch.... Acch... Acch..." for breath. The young Amazon smiled down on him. "You better stick to fighting men, wimp. You just don't have the muscle to take on a real woman! You might be sixty five pounds heavier but, you're still too weak to take the punishment that I dish out!" Sandi bent down and kissed the beaten man on the lips. "I'm too strong for you, Duke. I've got way too much muscle for a sissy man like you to handle!" The brutalized man sobbed in humiliation and pain as the busty girl degraded him. "Mercy.... mercy!" He whimpered. "Please... Please... Stop!" Sandi laughed sadistically at Duke's groveling. "Oh baby, baby." She taunted. "If I had any mercy, I would have knocked you out already. I'm just getting started!"

The musclegirl once again lifted Duke upright. "I love to beat up big men like you!" Sandi smashed Duke with a clubbing left to his cheek, driving him into the ropes. "Especially in front of a crowd." She ripped a right into his bruised guts, doubling him over. "I love to show people..." A left uppercut straightened him up again. "That no man is a match for me!"

The once arrogant man was slumped against the ropes crying in pain, almost unconscious. Sandi had measured her punches though. She used just enough of her immense strength to hurt the man severely without knocking him out. "You should have known better than to try and take me on, You're just not man enough. Now you have to pay the price!"

The brutal girl drug her much larger victim to the middle of the ring. The fight had long since been beaten out of him. He was just a shell of his former self. His torso was a mass of bruises and welts. His face showed obvious signs of punishment. Eyes blackened and nose smashed. Sandi's beautiful face was unmarked as well as her iron body. The girl's muscles bulged hugely, the battered man a testament to her strength and superiority.

"I've taken it easy on you till now, sweetie!" She whispered to him. Sandi unleashed an incredible right uppercut, breaking Duke's jaw and sending him flying backward.

Duke screamed in agony from the savage blow. He hit the ropes and bounced back. Sandi met him with a devastating punch to his midsection. It was like being hit by a freight train. He stopped cold and dropped to the mat like a sack of garbage. Duke was holding his stomach, gasping. Blood was dribbling from his mouth. The crowd had been shocked into a stunned silence by the pure power of Sandi's punches. The young Amazon stood over her moaning victim, smiling sweetly down at him. "That was about half strength, you pathetic weakling! You're just not tough enough to take a real punch!" The females in the audience came out of their reverie and began to stomp and cheer their heroine. The men were still too stunned to react.

The muscle-bound girl slowly sauntered around the ring, just inside the ropes, eyeing the crowd. "Well!" She announced: "Any of you little boys want to try me?" Sandi flexed her massive biceps. Huge mountains of muscle erupted in her arms. All of the men in her sight began to fidget in their seats. They had seen what those muscles had done to Duke. "How about you, baby?" She asked, pointing to a huge man in the third row. His face went white as a sheet in fear and he tried to sink back in his chair. Sweat broke out on his brow and he began to shake violently. "I guess not." The barechested Amazon laughed as she continued parading around the ring. The females in the arena started laughing and making fun of the men near them.

Sandi espied a man in the front row looking at her with unadulterated lust. She stopped and flexed her right arm slowly while licking her lips seductively. "You like all of these big.... hard.....muscles..... , sweetcheeks?" The girl cooed. The man started panting uncontrollably. "Do you want me to come down there and rub my rock hard body all over you? How about if I wrap these steel arms around you and crush you against my bare chest?" She taunted. The man had a very obvious orgasm in his pants from Sandi's teasing. She, and the women, laughed at his discomfort.

Meanwhile, Duke had crawled to a corner and attempted to leave. What little strength that he had left gave out and he laid in the corner on his back with his left arm draped over the bottom rope.

The cruel girl strode over to him wagging a finger. "No, no" She stood dominantly above him, straddling his battered body. "We're not done yet, boychick! All that I've done so far is to soften you up a little with my fists.

Now I'm going to work you over with my muscles!" The brutalized man looked up at his tormentress. "Oh... God, no!" He whimpered. "I give... I give... I give..." Duke babbled on, in a vain effort for mercy. He looked at the girl's granite body in horror. Bulging thighs, armor plated abs, broad shoulders, firm upthrust breasts, and those monstrous arms filled him with dread. "I'm going to break you with my muscles, Duke. I'm going to show you what happens to any man that tries to take me on." Sandi's beautifully innocent smiling face belied her sadistic nature. But those huge muscles of hers didn't. Duke knew that the terrible pain that he now felt was just a prelude to what was to come. And he knew that he was powerless to stop it.

End of Part 2.

Part 3: "Duke out. The Slaughter" coming soon.