This story contains extremely violent content and some nudity. This content is both written and illustrated. If material of this nature offends you: DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER.

Part One:

The story of Sandi Stone really begins when she was seven years old. That is when her mother married Chuck. This after a succession of short term alcohol based relationships. Sandi's father had died when she was just an infant, so Sandi never had a male figure around when she was young. Chuck turned out to be an abusive drunk who beat up Sandi's mother and Sandi on a regular basis. The mother accepted the beatings as the regular course of her life. Sandi, on the other hand, hated what he did. She hated Chuck. She hated every breath that he took. As time went by, her hate grew to include anyone who acted like Chuck. And to the young Sandi, that was almost all men.

Everything came to a head when Sandi was ten. Chuck had come home drunk again. Her mother was passed out so Frank went into Sandi's room. He had begun intimating that Sandi was old enough to warrant his "special" attentions for the past few weeks. Sandi did look mature for her age and she was very physically active. In fact, she was very strong but, more of that later. The little girl did not know exactly what Chuck meant but, she knew that she didn't want ANY attention from him, "special' or not. The drunken man woke the sleeping girl by his stumbling into the room. He approached her with a leer on his face. Sandi had had enough and in a fit of rage, she punched him in the stomach. To her amazement, and delight, Chuck doubled up in agony and vomited all over the floor. The young girl then punched him in the temple and he dropped to the floor, unconscious. Chuck left the next day without saying a word. That was the happiest day of Sandi's young life.

Over the next few weeks, the young girl pondered her confrontation with Chuck over and over again. Even though he was drunk, he was a man after all. A much bigger man than the ten year old girl. Men were stronger and tougher than women. Sandi's whole life had been proof of that. Men had beaten her mother, and herself, ever since Sandi had been old enough to be aware of such things. Her mother had told Sandi the same thing at least a thousand times. Men beat up women, that was the way of the world. But, she, a mere slip of a girl, had knocked Chuck cold with two punches! And he took off the next day. He never said anything, but one thing was etched in Sandi's brain. The look on his face. He was afraid when he left. Scared to death. Afraid of HER.

Sandi's thoughts turned to her playground activities. She liked to play as all children do. She was a tomboy who liked roughhousing and sports more than playing with dolls. She was always the best athlete on the playground. Faster, better, and....... and..... STRONGER than the other kids. ALL of the other kids. Nobody ever gave her any crap at all. She never had confrontations with kids. Unlike everybody else. They got into fights all the time, as active kids do. How come she never got into fights. Slowly the realization came to her that no one ever bugged her because she was so much tougher and stronger than everybody else. Nobody picked on her. No BOYS picked on her because.... they ... feared.... her.... strength..!!

Unknown to her, Sandi's strength had come to her from a unique combination of circumstances. Her biological father had been a weightlifter and a street fighter with uncommon strength and power. He had passed these traits to his daughter. Sandi's young muscles were dense. Much denser than the human norm. Cubic inch for cubic inch, her muscles were two to three times denser, and therefore stronger, than world class athletes muscles were. At age ten, she barely showed any muscle at all but, her body was as hard as a rock. The other factor was her unique ability to utilize most of her strength. Humans simply cannot will themselves to use all of their true strength. It is a survival trait. People would tear themselves apart if they could utilize all of their power. Everyone has heard stories of people lifting vast amounts of weight in times of crisis. The mother that lifts a car off of her trapped child, the 120 pound sailor who lifts a five hundred pound bomb away from a fire on a burning aircraft carrier's deck and dumps it into the ocean. That is the stress of the moment overriding the bodies normal state. Sandi, could call upon most of her strength at all times. This was in addition to, or probably because of, her muscle density. Her vast strength let her call upon her vast strength. The combination of the two factors was astounding. Sandi was simply four to five times stronger than anyone her size.

So strong, she just came to realize that she WAS so strong. The more she thought about it, the more she liked being strong. Strong enough so that no man would beat her again. So powerful that no man would even TRY to beat her. Strong enough to... to... BEAT.... UP..... MEN..... HERSELF. Pay men back for what they had done to her mother. And the other mothers. And the children. Sandi's young brain began to form a plan. A plan forged from her life experiences. She would build up her already formidable body. Add strength. Add power. She would learn how to fight. Boxing, karate, savate, kung-fu, anything and everything. The girl had a resolve as hard as her body was. By the time that she was fourteen, she was lifting weights that full grown men couldn't budge. Here is a picture of Sandi at age fourteen showing off for the camera.

Lifting 250 lbs. of weight one-handed in high heels! Sandi learned photography in school and learned how to time set cameras. She did not want to publicize her strength. Not yet, anyway! Sandi was already more developed than most girls of that age. Her biceps were really beginning to develop. The girl loved her arm strength. Something that would stay with her forever. The teenager lifted and trained every day. She took lessons at different locations to hide the intensity of her training. She wanted to keep secret her true power and ability. she progressed rapidly through the ranks in all of her martial arts classes, earning belts of various hues and colors in all of them. As her strength grew, so did the fire inside of her. Sandi had gone from wanting to be left alone by men and the odd dream of beating them up to wanting to beat men. To hurt them. To cause pain and agony. The bigger her muscles got, the hotter the flame of hate burned. She was turning into a sadist, fueled by the terrible childhood that she had endured and the realization that she had all the tools that she needed to fulfill her desire. Sandi's natural strength already made her dangerous. Her demonic workouts and martial arts classes coupled with her desire to inflict pain were turning her into a force of destruction.

Sandi continued on her path month after month. She endured her mother's never ending stream of boyfriends. Her mother was a hopeless case. She went for the same type of man every time. Brutal, uncaring and usually alcoholic men paraded through Sandi's world, reinforcing her resolve. Sandi never again showed her true strength to anyone, especially her mother. Sandi had lost all respect for her mother and the way that she led her life. But respect is not love and Sandi did love her mother. She stuck with her mother while her hate for men continued to grow, reinforced by her mother's lifestyle.

Sandi turned fifteen, as in years and her biceps turned sixteen, as in inches. She celebrated by taking this picture of herself curling a 250lb bar.

Not her max by any means! She began to wear baggy clothes all of the time to hide her bulging muscles. She did not want to call attention to herself yet. Her facial beauty was a problem though. Men were attracted to her beauty no matter what she wore. Sandi realized that her looks could be used as a weapon to entice men. When she was ready, that is! Her breasts grew also which pleased her no end. Another weapon to lure men to their destruction! Sandi began to hold back in her classes. The other students were already staying away from her as she dominated them so easily. Most of her instructors were afraid of her as well. This holding back training would hold her in good stead in the future. Her ability to measure her opponents and then exert just enough force to damage them but, not finish them off, would allow her to inflict maximum pain over extended periods of time. Sandi was getting closer to her goal but, she was smart enough to realize that as a minor, she would have to wait a bit yet. She wasn't worried about the law overmuch. She just wanted a clear field when she put her plan into action. So Sandi kept working out and training and kept watching her mother's life spiraling down and down as the asshole men came, beat her and went.

Sandi turned seventeen and changed her hair style from the blonde curled locks that she had always worn to shoulder length and straight.

She had now reached her full height of five foot six inches. The girl was simply a muscular powerhouse by now. She had the arms and shoulders of an NFL linebacker but, no linebacker could match her strength. Her abs were rippled and as hard as steel. Sandi had developed exercises to strengthen them and make them impervious to any punch. One exercise was for her to attach a medicine ball to a rope, hook the other end of the rope to a rafter, then swing the ball so it would crash into her abs. She practiced this exercise for hours on end. She later changed the medicine ball to a bowling ball. When that wasn't enough, Sandi went to the junkyard and found a 100 lb. piece of scrap iron. And that was just ONE exercise. Her thighs could crush a beer keg with no effort. She could leg press 1000 lbs. for an hour at a time.

Sandi really began to increase the tempo of her training. She had finally moved out from her mother's house. She had found a rundown farm house out in the country where she had installed mats, weights, and various things to hit. Sandi imagined that every weight she lifted, every throw she practiced with 280 lb. dummies, and every punch she threw into the sand filled bags that she had hung, was a man that she was beating into oblivion. As her muscles grew, so did her hate. She was close now. Ever so close!

Sandi began to look in earnest for an outlet for her hate. She wanted to begin her crusade of slaughter. After weeks of research and legwork, she was rewarded. And what a reward! Sandi had discovered the Society Of Unarmed Combat. It was a semi-private club that featured brutal one on one fights with almost no rules. No eye gouging, no choke holds, and best of all, submissions did not have to be accepted. Although most were. And best of all, the Society PAID the fighters. Sandi was ecstatic. There were only two problems, no woman had ever fought and the fighters had to be of legal age. Sandi had only a few short months to wait. She threw herself into her training with a ferocity that did not bode well for any future opponent. She made gains that were astounding. Muscles simply exploded all over her body. All of them hard as steel and trained to the ultimate peak of powerful destructiveness.

Sandi accidentally got into a fight one night as she was working out in the gym. This happened two days after her eighteenth birthday. It was past closing time and Sandi thought she was alone so she had stripped down to shorts and a bikini top. That is when this picture was taken. Her arms were mankillers now! Almost eighteen inches of pure power. A guy named Frank was still there though. He had been bugging Sandi for some time. After all the years of training and waiting, something snapped and Sandi ripped him apart. To read more about this, see Sandi 1 in the Sandi Stone bookshelf on Diana the Valkyre's site. The fight left Sandi feeling great! She beat Frank to within an inch of his death. He had been no match for her muscles and skill. The fight had left Sandi lusting for more! She was determined to fight more men. The thought of doing it in public, having a girl slaughter a man for all to see was intoxicating to her.

Sandi bugged the directors of the Society Of Unarmed Combat so badly that they finally gave in to her. They set up a match with one of their best fighters, a man named Brad (See Sandi 2 in the bookshelf). The girl brutalized him so badly that he spent six weeks in the hospital.

Her exploits have been documented further but, one of her earlier fights has not. That is the night Sandi fought Duke. Which brings us back to this night, only a few years ago:

Sandi was getting ready for her fight with Duke. She had just finished warming up when her current boy-toy Danny walked in. He saw the massively pumped up muscles of the young girl and gasped in awe.

Her 175 lb. body pulsated with pure power. She was primed for the fight. It had been a while since her last fight because she had beaten her opponents so brutally and so easily that all of the local men were afraid to get in the ring with her. Finally, an out of towner named Duke had agreed to meet the young girl.

Danny went to get Sandi's shorts, her total outfit for the fight. He helped her out of her bikini and into the shorts. "Be careful out there Sandi! I don't want you to get hurt." The musclegirl laughed quietly. "It's been WAY too long since my last fight, Dann o." I'm not the one that has to be careful. Duke-boy is going to get the beating of his life. I'm feeling real strong tonight. I'm going to hurt him VERY badly!" Sandi began flexing her arm. "Look at those muscles, Danny." She whispered as her biceps grew into huge mountains of strength. "I work and train every day just for nights like this. I can't wait to use these bad girls on his body! He's going to find out what a real woman can do!" Danny began to get scared. He loved Sandi but, when she got like this he felt a primal terror. She was so strong! And she liked to use her strength to inflict pain on men. The young Amazon had demonstrated her strength on him when they had first met. His broken ribs had healed but, the memory of how easily she had crushed him hadn't. Then when she had matter of factly told him that she only used one fifth of her strength, his deep rooted fear of her had set like concrete. But he loved her muscled body more than anything he had ever loved before. So the man had subjugated himself completely to the brutal girl.

Danny couldn't contain himself. He ran to his gym bag and got his ever present tape measure. "Please flex for me Sandi." He begged. The girl smiled slightly and thought to herself: "I love it! I draw em in with my muscles so that I can destroy their puny bodies with the same muscles that they drool over!"

Danny measured Sandi's biceps with trembling hands. He gasped as the tape measured Sandi's 18 1/2 inch arm. He stared at her huge biceps for a full minute. "Done yet, Little man? I do have a fight to go to." Sandi chided. Danny was startled out of his reverie. He looked at her broad shoulders and washboard abs. It was then that the thought, no, the CERTAINTY, struck him. Duke was finished. He had no chance. Danny had never even seen the man but, he knew that Duke was going to get slaughtered by the muscular girl. She had switched to her fight mode. An aura of invincibility surrounded her. Danny felt like he was with a predator. Which he was. Sandi preyed on men. Fighting them, beating them, then torturing them. All the while taunting and degrading them. The teenager broke their bodies and their souls at the same time. Then she discarded them like garbage. Danny knew that Sandi would turn on him one day. She would break him like a dry twig. And he would be helpless to stop her. But, he couldn't leave her. The attraction was greater than the fear. And the fear was overwhelming.

"Let's go, sweetcheeks!" Sandi said. "It's party time! For me, anyway." She chuckled.

Duke was introduce first. The crowd greeted the 240 lb. man with mixed boos and cheers. Most of the men cheered, hoping that someone could beat the muscle-bound girl. ALL of the women booed. When Sandi was introduced, she was greeted by cheers from the women and silence from most of the men. None of the men booed. They didn't want the girl to see them boo her. That is how much fear that she had elicited from her past matches.

Sandi was disappointed when she met him. He was too small she thought. Not big enough to endure the punishment that she needed to mete out. Duke leered at her bare breasts. "I'm going to screw you up real bad, Bitch!" Duke sneered. "I like beating the shit out of women!" Sandi smiled sweetly up at him. "Maybe this won't be so bad after all!" She thought.

Duke looked a little unnerved when the much smaller girl didn't react to his threat. Then he looked at her bulging biceps. A twinge of fear ran through him. Sandi noticed the change in his demeanor and smiled.

End of Part 1.

Part 2 soon. The fight.